January 19, 2010

Palestinian rights talk in Rossmoor Wednesday

A friend who is very concerned about this issue asked me to put up a notice, so I am. As much as I can, I am happy to post notices about local events that might be of interest to readers.

By posting this, I am not taking sides--pro- or anti Palestinian or pro- or anti-Israeli. I know it is a controversial one.

Personally, I think both sides--actually their leaderships--have behaved very badly at various points in this centuries-old conflict. And, if we really cared about getting to the bottom of the never-ending conflict in the Mideast, we might follow the advice of Deep Throat to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward in All the President's Men: Follow the money. I just wonder how much this conflict is perpetuated, not by religious or ideological differences, but from their leaders, essentially acting like urban American gangsters, trying to protect their turf and their $$$.  

Meanwhile, ordinary people in Israeli and Palestine, like Wednesday's speaker, a Jewish woman married to a Palestinian farmer and living in the West Bank, continue to deal with the horrible mess that their leaders might be too greedy and power-hungry to fix. 

Anti-Israel? Pro-Israel? Concerned about the Palestinian people. Just looking for a new perspective? This talk could be a very interesting one to attend.  Thanks to my friend for pointing it out. Here's the notice:

Human Rights in the Mideast, Rossmoor's Palestinian rights club, is holding a public event:

It's Wednesday, January 20, from 1-3 pm in Peacock Hall in the Gateway Clubhouse complex.

The program is a presentation by speaker Bekah Wolfe. She's traveling around the U.S. to increase awareness of the unfair situation in the West Bank involving zionist settlers.

Bekah Wolfe is a Jewish woman raised in New Mexico whose father is a cantor and whose twin sister is a California rabbi.

A couple of years ago, Bekah relocated to a West Bank farming village near Hebron. She and others have been organizing against local repressive measures taking place courtesy of the Israeli government.

Recently, she married a Palestinian farmer from the village. They are now expecting their first child.

The presentation will include slides and audience Q & A. There's no charge.

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Thud said...

If you can't recognise which side produces a threat to us all then I suggest you take another close look at what is happening over there. One democratic country surrounded by a sea of totalitarian enemies...Israel is an affront and a danger to the murderers who pass as leaders in the middle east and they will not rest.