October 12, 2008

Mom exposes breast in Whole Foods! A nursing Angelina Jolie exposes a breast (sort of) on magazine cover!

Seeking escape from the global economic crisis, I came across this exciting bit of celebrity news: Brad Pitt’s long-awaited photos of Angelina Jolie for W, including a cover shot of her breastfeeding her new twins, comes out next week.

The Jolie-Pitts are sure to stir up a bit more publicity and controversy over this one, especially any really public displays of breast-feeding by Jolie. This reminds me of my sighting, a month or so back, of a mom exposing one breast in my local Whole Foods to nurse her infant. I wrote about it as “NutCreek Observer” for my favorite, local news blog, (NutCreek is Claycord’s affectionate term for Walnut Creek, my hometown, and the site of the Whole Foods where that mom bared her nipple for her infant’s nourishment.)

My little contribution to Claycord stirred up quite a discussion about if, when and how mothers should breastfeed their kids in public. You can read more of my post and the ensuing debate here.

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