November 19, 2008

Local Big Spenders who Donated $5,000-plus to Support Prop. 8

The state Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to look again at the same-sex marriage debate and the constitutionality of the recently approved Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage. This news comes just as I was acting on my curiosity to learn the identities of local big-money backers of Proposition 8.

According to Wednesday's San Francisco Chronicle report, the court, six months after its ruling that struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage, granted requests by both sponsors and opponents of Proposition 8 to review lawsuits challenging the Nov. 4 initiative.

Meanwhile,'s Data Center recently posted a searchable database of public information on those who contributed money to the campaigns both supporting and opposing Proposition 8. (The source for this data is Richard Dalton, a computer-assisted reporting specialist, who compiled this analysis of Prop. 8 campaign contributions for the Associated Press.)

As SFGate's Data Center says, the analysis is based on campaign finance reports submitted to the state Secretary of State's Office since 2007 and contains data current as of Nov. 3.

I pored through it and identified those making contributions of $5,000 or more in favor of Proposition 8. Choosing the $5,000 figure was a bit arbitrary, but it seems to illustrate something about how certain individuals have enough income at their disposal to donate it to causes they champion.

Here, I list those individuals by hometown., based on what I found at the SFGate Data Center database on Proposition 8 contributions. I also compiled a similar list for those contributing $5,000 or more to defeat Proposition 8. I will publish that list in the next day or so.

A disclosure: I strongly opposed Proposition 8 and made my own meager contribution to efforts to defeat it.

David Christensen, executive, Nearon Enterprises, Aug. 31, $25,000 (total of $30,000 since Aug. 31)
Doreen Kopf, retired, Aug. 28, $12,500
Richard Kopf, lawyer, Fremont Management Group, LP, Aug. 28, $12,500
David Nearon, lawyer, Alta Leasebark Corp., Sept. 7, $25,000
V. Lance Littlejohn, business, West Coast Novelty Corp., Sept. 7, $8,000
Judith Wagner, retired, Sept. 8, $10,000
R. Jean Taylor, retired, Sept. 8, $10,000
Jana Mullen, homemaker, Sept. 17, $25,000
Linda Reeve, self-employed landscape design, Oct. 6, $9,500

Curtis Weller
, accountant, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Aug. 6, $5,000
Rachel Aaron, homemaker, Aug. 6, $5,000Jo Anne Gardner, Aug. 7, $5,000

Brian Blatter
, dentist, Aug. 6, $10,000
Steven Leininger, accountant, Capital Performance Advisors, Aug. 6, $5,000
Linda Doll, homemaker, Aug. 13, $5,000.
Sherman Doll, consultant, Capital Performance Advisors, Aug. $5,000
John Cutt, CEO, IREBCC-Corp., Aug. 20, $5,000
Thalia Cutt, homemaker, Aug. 20, $5,000
Keith Bradburn, dentist, Randell Gardner, DDS, Aug. 24, $5,000

Sarah Harris, homemaker, Aug. 6, $25,000
Michael Peterson, financial services, Pascal Management, Aug. 17, $5,000
Larry Wilson, retired, Aug. 19, $5,000
John Blatter, retired, Aug. 6, $5,000
Jani Stone, homemaker, Aug. 20, $5,000
Carol Christensen, analyst, Gartner, Inc., Aug. 25, $5,000
William Wilcox, retired, Sept. 4, $25,000

Robert Packer, retired, Aug. 14, $25,000
Cherlyn Hart, homemaker Sept. 30, $5,000

Ralph Severson, retired, Aug. 24, $5,000
Sue Severson, retired homemaker, Sept. 23, $5,000

Walnut Creek
Barry Oliver
, accountant, Pension One Advisors, Aug. 6, $5,000
Coulson-Moseley Pest Control, Aug. 6, $5,000
David Walton, lawyer, Jonen Hall, APLL, Aug. 6, $5,000
Douglas Barton, accountant, Deloitte & Tonche, Aug. 6, $5,000
Kay Bohne, homemaker, Aug. 6, $5,000
Kristalyn Judd, homemaker, Aug. 6, $5,000
Richard Cardall, sales management, Transamerica Capital Management, Aug. 6, $5,000
Richard Chapman, business owner, Jes Engineering, Inc., Aug. 6, $5,000
Terry Lloyd, self-employed analyst, Aug. 26, $5,000
Dayna Bain, homemaker, Aug. 31, $5,000
Janelle Palmer, homemaker, Sept. 14, $5,000


Anonymous said...

I recognize some of these names... surprise surprise, they come from Mormon families.

Anonymous said...

nice bias and nice withchunt. why don't publish their address so people can go over and trash their houses? their was a man in sacramento (theater manager) who had to resign his job because of the pressure from people for him supoorting prop 8. You should have printed the donors for both sides, the same day, right next to each other. why is it that people can't have their own opinion and put their money where "THEIR" beliefs are. Why not post the donors of all the other propositions as well?

Anonymous said...

What is your point? Why do you do this? I have family members on this list and feel that you are trying to endanger them. You know that people are upset about Prop 8. I think it was very mean-spirited and irresponsible of you to put these local people on your blog. Please remove this list from your post. I know it is available other places as well. I can't imagine why you feel a need to post it here.

lmao said...

If you have a problem with your family member being on this list you need to:

A) Take it up with your family because they donated to this


B) Or somehow change the so campaign donations are not made public record.

If not, then quit your bitchin'

I wonder how many gay men and women have lost their jobs because of their orientation??

Like I said over at claycord the Yo8 side was trying to blackmail businesses that donated to the defeat of prop 8 during the elections. Where you pointing that out or is it ok when it supports your side?

Anonymous said...

not sure if you saw the old lady in palm springs last week that was shoved down because she had a "yes on 8" sign during a rally. I know that their are wackos on both sides, but last time I checked this was a free country. How are you going to feel if someone trashes a house, physically confronts one of these people, or harass their children? your irresponsible post presents danger to each of the people involved. what if a teacher of one of their children calls them out in class or lets some of their classmates know how their mommy and daddy voted? hope you can sleep well knowing that you have possibly put some people in danger.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for this list because now i know i need to drop Brian Blatter as my dentist because I don't want a bigot putting his hands in my mouth!

lmao said...

Thursday, 20 November, 2008

Oh the children!!! What about the children!!! No one cares about the feelings of kids that happen to be children of Same Sex couples. Where their feelings taken into account when one side decided to label their parents has 2nd Class heathens that don't deserve the same treatment as others parents do?

And if the teacher calls them out in class they deserves disciplinary action because her behavior would be wrong! That has no place in the classroom and I would expect as an intelligent human being you'd be able to take that up with the correct parties and not blame it on something that has always been public record.

Can we keep on with the "what ifs..." it's a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

East Bay Express published a more comprehensive list of Yes on Prop. 8 donors: Aka The Dishonor Rolll
These people are free to donate to whatever campaign they choose. They are free to exercise their free speech, but their donations are public information.
By the way, is the Sue Severson on this list the same Sue Severson who is mayor of Orinda?

Anonymous said...

i have no problem with the list or publishing the list (public domain). What I have a problem with is the biased reporting and not listing the no on prop 8 right next to it. it's like a newspaper screwing an article up on the front page, then two weeks later printing a "correction" on page 8. Have two columns - yes on prop 8 donors and no on prop 8 donors. simple and easy.

Anonymous said...

I will now go to Dr. Brian Blatter for dental work, as I know he is a man that shares my values.

I agree, you should post the No contributors too, so I can see if there is somebody on there I should boycott.

Lame site, lame blog.

Kaboom32 said...

Looks like this is a blog, not a news source. Even so, news sources can have biases as well. Should they? It depends. News or editorial? The First Amendment's intention was to protect news sources when they had opinions.

Yes, it's a free country. Just like those people were free to donate money. And just like Soccer Mom is free to post these names. And the original source is free to print them, as well. And you are free to comment on this blog. And all people are free to marry the person they... oh wait a minute.

These people gave away some money so that a proposition that they supported would pass. Under the law, those donations are public, and they knew that going in. Clearly, they gained a lot from prop 8 being passed. Now if someone can actually tell me what they actually did gain, that's the real trick.

So yeah. Those of you who want the No donations posted, get on your blog and post them. The thing is, those people have nothing to hide. They donated money to support rights. The yes people donated money to take rights away. Congratulations to them on their victory. They took rights away from people. Great job.

sarah said...

Where's the other list? Why is everyone being so one sided? I voted no on 8 but I don't understand why everyone who supported yes on 8 is being targeted as being horrible people. If your going to post who donated to the Yes on 8, you should do the same. Stop being hypocritical. You want things to be equal??

lover of crazy in suburbia! said...

This is a blog! A blog is a person't opinion! This is her opinion and her blog, therefore she has a right to put her opinion down on her blog! Who cares if she doesn't want to put the "no on 8" contributers, I'm sure there is another blog out there listing those, or better yet, you can just click on the link she provides and look them up for yourself!!!!

I love this blog and I don't even live in Walnut Creek!

lmao said...

Thursday, 20 November, 2008

Yes, because someone voting to take a right away from a group of people that have nothing to do with their lives isn't a horrible deed.

Do you need someone to hold your hand and tell you where this other list is? because the people that made their lists didn't need someone to direct them to the info they needed to make said list.

"You want things to be equal??"

There are so many things wrong with this statement especially coming from someone that supported No8.

Anonymous said...

Well, not that I'll ever visit this lame ass attempt of a blog again, but I will say I'll be making sure I give any and all my business to anyone on a Yes on 8 list.

I cannot WAIT until we ammend the US constitution to outlaw gay perversions in soceity.

Seriously... said...

everyone gets a vote. that's how elections are won and lost.....isn't it great that we live in a country where people on ALL SIDES OF AN ISSUE can express their feelings and on election day vote??? It used to be one could vote without fear of retribution...but that day is past. I know SEVERAL people on this list that have received threatening phone calls from no on 8 supporters. There were valid points to both sides of this issue, it was not black and white....were I a no on 8 supporter i would spend my time trying to work towards finding a solution (example: maybe passing legislation to exclude teaching morality (and marriage) in public schools....that would eliminate one of the main arguments pro 8 supporters had.) Anyway...more time being proactive, less time whining and making threatening phone calls, blog posts etc. would get you much further....

Sarah said...


I didn't say anything about it not being a horrible deed, I said it doesn't make them horrible people. Everyone has different views and I think being close-minded is more of a horrible deed. And that goes for both sides.

Anonymous said...

Why not just post the addresses of EVERY voter that supported prop eight so you nazis can go harrass them.
NAZI Regime alive and well 2008!!!

lmao said...

Thursday, 20 November, 2008

Yes, cause this is just like Nazi Germany lol

@ Sarah

It's one thing to have your beliefs. You aren't a horrible person for believing what ever you do, but it's a different ball park when you take that belief and use it to discriminate against a group of people. That in my opinion is when you have crossed the line and become a horrible person.

I know people that are religious and voted No on 8. They understand that their beliefs are their own and no one elses

Concord Blogger said...

I think that publishing information like this is great. There are two sides to every story and I don't see any sites from the PRO 8 people talking about who donated money against it.

amyclopez said...

Soccer Mom,

You mention that you donated against Prop 8. You listed other people's names. What's your name?

lmao said...

Thursday, 20 November, 2008

Good idea! Gay people, you need to make sure all basis are covered before you are allowed the same rights as a straight couple. It's your fault that morality and marriage are taught in schools, so fix it so our children don't have to be subjected to your "lifestyle".

Seriously....why do you think you get to vote on whether same sex couples get married or not? Who are you?

If you have a problem with what the schools teach, you need to take that up with the school board or the correct parties not take civil rights away from a goup of people

It is black and white, honey. Not allowing gay couples to get married is discrimination. You cannot discriminate based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. You live your life the way you see is right and that gay/lesbian couple does the same. You don't nose into their business and they won't nose into yours.

Seriously... said...

I'm just trying to think of ways for the angry people to use their time more towards solving the problem, not being angry and threatening.

The vote was on changing the definition of marriage, not taking away rights, get your facts straight. Gay couples have the same rights as a married straight couple. I have NO PROBLEM with that. Changing the definition of marriage has broader implications for society, and as a member of that society, I have a right to vote on that issue.

So much anger and so much hate! I just don't see why people can't get together and talk and figure this out. I think it's great that there is a liberal faction in our keeps growing and changing....but it's also great that there is a conservative base as well...society does not become a free for all void of all morals. It's these checks and balances that allow the majority of us to live together in relative harmony....please stop getting so heated...if you feel you've been wronged, work constructively on fixing the problem. I don't have a problem with the school system (at least as far as this issue is concerned.)...I was just trying to offer a helpful suggestion.

Seriously... said...

one more thing...i would think that gay couples (or any no on 8 supporter for that matter) would want to works towards "covering all their bases", when trying to make a change in society. Why not? Why not work peacefully on creating a solution that is agreeable to everyone (or at least a majority)...It's a whole lot more effective than kicking and screaming.

Anonymous said...

why don't you put your efforts into something that really matters? Like education in the state of CA? We all have the same civil rights here in CA, and have the right to civil union. Marriage is just a definition, typically religious of an institution. What gives you the right to be so INTOLERANT of opposing views, and to create your own blacklist. Tolerance needs to go both ways - you can not be tolerant of only the opinions that you support. You are off base.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that NOBODY in the last 20 years has ever lost their job beacause of being gay.

NEVER in the history of the world has there been a society that allowed homesexuals to marry. This is not taking away of rights. It never was a right.

The majority of Californians understand that law cannot be created from the bench. The definition of marriage cannot be changed there too.

NEVER in the history of the country has a majority of the people voted in favor of gay marriage. I guess the country is bigoted. Just against gays. Not against religions. Oh wait.....

Anonymous said...

Do a search by Utah... Unreal! People live in California for a reason, yet these douchebags feel they have the right to influence our STATE propositions. My wife and I raise our children to believe that all people are equal. Can't wait for the Mormons to meet their maker.

Anonymous said...

You missed Jeff Adams of Concord - he was a candidate for the Mount Daiblo school board and gave $5000 to Yes on Prop 8.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous one who cannot wait until our constitution amends to get rid of gay perversions on our society: I challenge you to read the COnstitution. There is not ONE SINGLE part of the Consitution that is written to take rights away from people. The Consitution is a Bill of Rights- not a Bill of Non-Rights. It serves to protect people's natural right- those to life, liberty, property, the pursuit of happiness, etc. FROM THE GOVERNMENT. If it ever is amended to take away anyone's civil rights, THAT would be a perversion of our fundamental rights. Our founding fathers would turn over in their graves. How very un-American of you!

Anonymous said...

from the commment:
Do a search by Utah... Unreal! People live in California for a reason...influence "OUR STATE"..."

Take a look at all the people across the country that donated money to the "no on 8" campaign as well. There was a lot of money that came from out of California. So, people on both sides felt the need to influence "OUR STATE"

Anonymous said...

Do you know what its like being in grade school explaining to my friends why my dad had a boyfriend? I resent him for that. It caused my younger years to be hell. So all of you who say you are going to picket or find out where they live so you can verbally abuse and vandalise peoples private party are just messed up in the head and are so extremely selfish it is ridiculous.

p.s I rent guns and sell single bullets.