November 18, 2008

Man stopped at gas station in Walnut Creek says he was carcjacked, kidnapped, robbed

Hmm. Sorry, to sound wary, but I gotta wonder about this alleged victim’s version of events. But maybe I'm just being a jaded former crime reporter.

Anyway, the Contra Costa Times says a man claims to have been carjacked, kidnapped, and robbed at a gas station in my Walnut Creek neighborhood Friday night.

The victim was standing next to his car at a closed gas station on the corner of Tice Valley Boulevard about 9:30 p.m. when the two suspects approached him.

"His car was overheating and he was getting water," said Walnut Creek police Lt. Mark Covington.

The suspects forced the victim, whom police did not identify, into the car and drove off. During the ride, one of the suspects threatened the victim with a knife and robbed him of an undisclosed amount of cash. After driving around for several hours, the suspects released the victim unharmed in an unincorporated area of Walnut Creek and drove away, Covington said.

Here's one comment from the Times message board:

"They were able to drive around for several hours in an overheated car? Hmmm."

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Mayor of CLAYCORD said...

I completely agree with the Times' reader, how can you drive around for hours in a car that was overheated?

Something isn't right about it.