December 31, 2008

After robbing a bank, the guy stops to get a Jumbo Jack?

The Mayor of Claycord received a tip and good photos showing the aftermath of a robbery at the Bank of the West in Walnut Creek this morning.

The Mayor's tipster tells him:

After robbing the bank on North California Boulevard, the suspect, a white man in his 40s, may have fled the scene in a white car. Shortly after the report, a WCPD sergeant saw a person matching the suspect's description run from a white car, parked in the back of the Jack in the Box on North Main Street, into the fast-food restaurant.

It turns out, though, that the man running into the restaurant wasn't the robber--nor was he in a hurry to buy a Whopper--but a guy needing to run from the cops for another reason.

As for the robbery, no suspect was located. Anyone with information is asked to call the Walnut Creek police at (925) 943-5844.

The Mayor adds:
"Also, one cool thing about this story is that apparently the new Walnut Creek Police Chief (Joel Bryden) was on patrol during this robbery, and assisted with the search. I'm hearing great things about the new Police Chief in Walnut Creek."

Update: "Mom's Exhausted" called me on my fast-food reference mix-up. that I had in my initial headline and story, saying that the guy the cops were looking for might have stopped in Jack in the Box looking for a Whopper. She correctly pointed out that Burger King, NOT Jack in the Box serves Whoppers. Duh, Soccer Mom! Many apologies. Of course, who knows why that guy ran into Jack In the Box? And, it turns out he wasn't the robber anyway. Cops haven't said yet.

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Mom's exhausted said...

Aren't Whoppers sold at Burger King? Wasn't this Jack-in-the-box?

Funny story, though.