December 1, 2008

Golf cart accident at Rossmoor kills 79-year-old man

Rossmoor resident Ronald Scrivner died Sunday morning, the day after a golf cart he was riding in was struck by a car while the cart was crossing a street in the Walnut Creek retirement community. For more details, check this Contra Costa Times report.

The Contra Costa Times found out some more about the full life that Ronald Scrivner enjoyed. Scriver was a retired Berkeley firefighter who, between fighting fires and handling other emergencies, was an off-duty presence in Bay Area theater productions. His passion and talent for acting also included appearances in 1980s TV shows and a supporting role in Francis Ford Coppola's 1988 film, Tucker: The Man And His Dream. According to the Contra Costa Times, this film starred Jeff Bridges as the true-life auto industry figure "whose revolutionary ideas for cheap and feature-packed automobiles in the 1940s were quashed by the era's reigning auto giants."

Scrivner later became an avid golfer and moved to Rossmoor 23 years years ago. His wife, Inez, told the Times that her husband was enjoying a routine golf outing on Saturday morning. That's when he suffered fatal injuries when the cart he was riding in was struck by a sedan while cross the street between the No. 6 and 7 holes. Read more in this Contra Costa Times story.

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