January 18, 2009

Danville man arrested in WC: strong arm robbery charges

Walnut Creek police Saturday evening arrested a 19-year-old Danville man on suspicion of making off with the "property" of another man whom he approached and threatened with violence.

Lt. Tim Barrett says that about 6:30 p.m. Carlos Revuelta approached the victim who was walking on California Boulevard near Ygnacio Valley Road.

"Revuelta threatened the victim with physical harm if the victim did not give his property to Revuelta. The victim gave Revuelta his property and Revuelta fled on foot."

Barrett didn't specify which "property" the suspect took. Police arrived, searched the area, and one officer found Revuelta hiding in some bushes several blocks away. Police arrested Revuelta and took him to be booked at the county jail in Martinez.


Anonymous said...

Typical police-speak. What kinda property? Wallet, backpack, sex toys? Was the guy on his way to Bart?

Anonymous said...

We Walnut Creekians should be very cautious of Danville hoodlums. They are the most dangerous ones out there.