February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s—from Hannah Montana—and Crazy in Suburbia

This box of Valentine’s Day cards is similar to the ones my son picked out at our local Longs Drugs Store (soon to be CVS Pharmacy) to pass out to his fifth-grade classmates for a Valentine’s party held in his classroom on Wednesday.

My son figured he was being very silly in gracing his classmates with these Hannah Montana/Mylie Cyrus images. "From the hit TV series on Disney Channel!" He took particular delight as we worked to affix the supplied “tattoos” and pink and red hearts to his cards.

We rushed out on Tuesday night to get the cards. His classroom held its Valentine’s party on Wednesday, because his school, which is in the Walnut Creek school district, was not in session on Thursday and Friday. So, on Tuesday night, we were at Longs and lucked into finding the Hannah Montana cards. We hurried home and worked to get them ready.

We did this—him signing his name and working with me to attach the heart stickers and tattoos—while watching, yes, American Idol. In terms of enjoying the alignment of stars in the cheesy pop culture universe, a Tuesday night doesn't get any better than this: American Idol and Hannah Montana Valentine's Day cards.

And, by the way, I learned Wednesday evening from my son that his cards were a big hit.


Mom's exhausted said...

I'm sure we will be doing this someday. Right now, everything is Dory. (my toddler's pronunciation of Dora the Explorer). Dory diapers, Dory shoes, Dory backpack, Dory stickers.

I should look for the Dory Valentine's! Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

Mayor of CLAYCORD said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Soccer Mom!

John said...

I need a date! Is Crazy in Suburbia single? Any 35+ women out there that need a date for tonight?!?

Anonymous said...

I think Crazy in Suburbia is the Mayor of claycords wife.