February 6, 2009

Mehserle makes bail, leaves jail Friday afternoon

Johannes Mehserle, the former BART police officer accused of murder in the January 1 shooting of an unarmed man at Oakland's Fruitvale BART station was released on $3 million bail Friday afternoon, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The 27-year-old man, who recently lived in Lafayette, left Santa Rita jail in Dublin without incident. He is accused of killing 22-year-old Oscar Grant while responding to an early morning New Year's Eve disturbance at the station. Grant was lying face down on the platform when Mehserle shot him. Mehserle's attorney has called the case an accident, saying Mehserle meant to stun Grant with his Taser gun not shoot at him with a pistol.


Anonymous said...

I heard Bernie Madhoff has an extra bedroom in his exclusive Penthouse available.

Perhaps testosterone riddled Mehserle can join him and they can watch 'Wall Street' and the 'Terminator' together and reinforce their Men-ness to each other, and plan how they would destroy the little people.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully the officer has been let go. Can't wait to see the thugs burn down oakland.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad his family and BART officers did what they could to get him released. This case is a travesty. And at least the Oakland protesters didn't get out of hand. But I fear for this officer's safety.

ACC said...

Mehserle doesn't deserve this. The Alameda County DA is a self serving puke. And don't get me started about BART. They have no idea what loyalty means. This is evident in their comments in the accident this past week, the Mehserle incident and the man who was killed a few months back on the BART tracks in WC. They will throw their employees under the proverbial bus to make themselves seem like victims.

Anonymous said...

This guy does NOT deserve to be out on bail. He's been given too much latitude already.

But while I thing the guy was totally irresponsible, and deserves to go to jail for a long time, I'm not convinced he is guilty of murder, and I fear he will get off because of the failure to prove murder. Does anyone know - will the jury be able to decide on manslaughter, even though he's charged with murder?