February 21, 2009

No, we weren't under attack yesterday by military choppers--and it's time for a bad, tasteless Sully joke

Did you see those big, military-looking helicopters flying low over central Contra Costa Friday afternoon?

I was at work, in my office, which looks out over the Interstate 680/24 interchange. These two helicopters came whirling by our window, flying low over the freeway and the Walnut Creek BART station. They shook our building, and a co-worker half jokingly asked, "Are we under attack?" They seemed to come from the west, heading eat, and they turned north at the interchange, heading up towards Pleasant Hill, Concord, Martinez.

I e-mailed the Mayor of Claycord, letting them know that the choppers were heading his way and thought that maybe his readers might know a thing or two about them. The Mayor posted a photo of the one of the copters and surmises that they were part of some kind of training exercise.

But training for what?'s readers chime in with their theories.

Oh, and about an hour earlier, I happened to be looking out my window at work, at the big blue sky, and saw the distinctive V-shaped flock of you know what: the dreaded Canadian geese. (No, I wasn't getting too much work done yesterday afternoon.) Poor Canadian geese have gotten a bad rap since some of their fellow fowl flew into the engines of the US Airways flight piloted by Danville's "Miracale on the Hudson" pilot, Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger. The geese I spied outside my window happened to fly disturbingly close to a small private airplane.

Finally, I have to pass on a really bad Sully joke. Tasteless? Probably. But c'mon, you knew these were coming.

Q: What's the new Sully cocktail?
A: Two shots of Grey Goose with a splash of water.


Have a happy Saturday.


Castle Hill Bill said...

Dreaded Canadian geese? Yes. Bad rap? No! Long before the jetliner came down, those Canadians had a bad rap and deservedly so. Whenever I walk in Heather Farm or golf at Boundary Oak, I have to watch each and every step I take lest I step on some of their droppings that seem to be everywhere. Since dog owners have to cleanup after their animal, why aren't our Northern Neighbors required to clean up after their fat ducks? Eh?

Anonymous said...

Actually, there's no such thing as Canadian geese. They are Canada geese.

Soccer Mom said...

Thanks very much for the correction on Canada geese!

Anonymous said...

I'll remember that the next time I talk to my Canada friend.