March 20, 2009

Bomb scares Friday from San Ramon to Concord

The Walnut Creek police department’s bomb squad has been busy today.

First, the bomb squad was in San Ramon responding to a report of a possible pipe bomb on the Iron Horse Trail. According to the Pleasanton Weekly, the bomb squad had gone to San Ramon after local police received a call at 8:19 a.m. of a suspicious device on the trail near Alcosta Boulevard.

Police closed off that section of the trail, while the bomb squad, which serves jurisdictions throughout Contra Costa County, removed it. Police reopened the trail at about 11:15 a.m.

Already, at about 11 a.m., the bomb squad had been summoned north to investigate a suspicious package in a vacant house off Bancroft Road in Concord.

The Contra Costa Times said the bomb squad went to a house on St. Louis Drive, off Bancroft Road, near the Walnut Creek border. said it received a tip from our Walnut Creek-based blogger friend, The DubC, saying the bomb squad had gone to the house to help dispose of a couple pipe bombs. later reported that the three suspicious devices the bomb squad found in the homes were not filled with explosive material.

Hmm. I MapQuested Bancroft Road and St. Louis Drive, and it’s a few hundred feet from —da-da-da—the Iron Horse Trail.

I know, probably just a coincidence.


Anna said...

A lot going on yesterday! I was close to home, and would never have known. You are up to date Soccer Mom. Thanks for the reporting.

Barry said...

Yo Soccer Momma. This is so off topic, but if we have a possible story for you, how do we contact you? I was just driving down Main St and noticed the OIC Bowl restaurant. They have the only flag on the street (besides city hall) and it's a communist China flag! Yeah I understand it's Chinese food, but come on! How 'bout an American flag next to it at least?

Concord Blogger said...

Most of these bomb threats are fake. Not a reason to treat them lightly but typically these are just devices confused for explosives.

Anonymous said...

These were not threats you idiot concord guy they were devices that looked like bombs nobody called in a threat.

Soccer Mom said...

Yo Barry,
You just did reach me. I'll take a little walk down there, check it out, take a photo, and see what people think. You can always post a comment, or, if you want to do it more privately, you can email me at

Anonymous said...

I noticed that commie flag, too. Food sucks so I guess that makes sense then.

Anonymous said...

Soccer Mom -- Relax! With four officers dying or dead at Highland, the need to notify next of kin before the public, packs of reporters, and stress and angst, it make sense for it to take a little while for the facts to get squared away. I was watching TV last night and they broke in with the Oakland press conference, and I felt informed. Also, about your police chase.... umm. You like the drama, don't you? You too didn't have the facts yet, did you? But the real story in Oakland is sick. We can all agree.