March 5, 2009

Rats! Confirmed at WC's Century movie theater

The Contra Costa Health Services department inspectors came, and they found evidence, in the form of droppings, that rats had been visiting the Century 14 movie theater, the Contra Costa Times reported.

But inspectors found no evidence that rodents had been in the food services area, which is good news for us popcorn munchers, as well as for the theater. Had inspectors detected the vermins' presence in the food service area, the theater would have had to close immediately. The inspectors also didn't personally see any rats during their visit.

The inspection was prompted by 10 complaints the department received about the theater, plus a story in the Times last week about some movie goers seeing cat-sized rats while watching Revolutionary Road.

The inspectors gave management a list of violations that they must correct before another inspection Tuesday.


Mom's exhausted said...

Rats! Is that what I felt crawling beneath my feet?

Rat-hater said...

I will be using Netflix for a while,
until this rodent infestation is resolved!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. You would think that these idiots would be able to afford an exterminator considering they rip off every single person who walks through their doors. Hollywood is up in arms about online piracy and spends tons of money to combat it. Maybe they should take that money and use it to fly their $50 million dollar jets around the country and bitch slap every pimple faced theater manager for letting uncontrolled vermin and dumbass 15 year olds with laser pointers ruin everyone's $10 movie.

Anonymous said...

I visited the theater on Saturday and they appeared to have cleaned up the entire theater. I saw no rats and the auditoriums looked very clean.