April 14, 2009

Another WC retailer in trouble

Z Gallerie, a Southern-based home furnishing retailing company, that has a major storefront on Mt. Diablo Boulevard, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

According to the San Francisco Business Times, the Gardena-based retailer, which filed Friday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California, will keep open stores that are still operating.

"Stores will stay open without interruption," the Times said. "The retailer is seeking court permission to pay pre-filing wages and benefits, honor existing customer programs and deposits and maintain its cash management system."

Z Gallerie has closed 21 stores, mostly in March, and has not announced any new store closing. The stores that were closed "were either poor performers or in markets that the retailer wanted to pull out of."

Besides the store in Walnut Creek, Z Gallerie also has a store on Berkeley's Fouth Street and San Francisco's Union Street.

It has local stores in Berkeley on Fourth Street, in San Francisco on Union Street, in Walnut Creek on Mt. Diablo Boulevard, in Corte Madera, Sacramento, San Jose and Roseville.


Anonymous said...

Forward Motion is closing too.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the chains will survive and the locally owned proprietors will go under.

Anonymous said...

I hope the opposite happens, locally owned proprietors survive. These people usually live in our communities and are part of the fabric that makes cities great. With chains the money goes to some corporation in Houston or somewhere.

Support your local proprietors!

Anonymous said...

Large chains can weather the poor economy better than a small proprietor. IMO, Walnut Creek has chosen the chains like Needless Markup over small businesses. At least in the downtown area. There used to be many sole proprietors, but they couldn't compete with the large corporations. Downtown isn't charming and unique. It's just a bunch of cookie-cutter shops, many of which are shutting down.