April 3, 2009

Walnut Creek planners give OK to new Neiman Marcus plan

No surprise in this news, reported by the Contra Costa Times Elisabeth Nardi. The Walnut Creek planning commissioners Thursday night agreed that the City Council should approve the downsized proposal to build a 92,000-square-foot Neiman Marcus in Broadway Plaza.

The commissioners made their recommendation for approval at the behest of city staff—and despite complaints from some speakers at last night’s meeting who said they believe the plan still has flaws, including in how it will provide additional parking to accommodate Neiman Marcus customers. One of the naysayers was Ed Dimmick, who is suing over the project’s environmental impact report.

The City Council will review the project at its April 21 meeting. Click here to read more about last night’s meeting.


Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Not much else to say is there?

Anonymous said...

Even though I don't shop at NM, I think it's great that NM is coming to town. I've lived in WC for a number of years and I own a few single family homes in WC that I rent to young professional. This only increases the value of properties. If the rich folk from surrounding towns want to come to the WC to leave their tax dollars in my city's coffers, why not?

Call me narrow minded, but I just don't understand where the opposition is coming from? I suppose if a retailer enhances the image of a city, that could be bad, if I want my town known for not being known.

Anonymous said...

If Neimen Marcus comes to our cosmopolitan city of Walnut Creek it would be a great asset, whether you shop there or not. We need more tax dollar revenue and will pull from other upscale communities as they will come to our town and not go to SF. If Neimen Marcus does not come, another store will take it place anyway, so why is this refusal coming about? What is behind all this so-called 'too much traffic' in downtown? My family and I go to dinner in downtown WC every Friday and always find plenty of parking. Whoever is behind this plan to have them not come is just full on non-sense or has another agenda. C'mon people, vote Yes on I and let's keep WC moving in the right direction. This is 2009, time to move out of the recession and into the new and improved!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Elizabeth and I live in beautiful Walnut Creek and wrote the above comment about wanting everyone to Vote YES on I!

Anonymous said...

I suppose almost nobody who voted YES knew that NM takex only AMEX cards, and does not take Visa or Mastercard. With such a policy, I do not see how this store will bring any benefit to our town. Frustration is what it will bring to the shoppers.

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