May 21, 2009

Walnut Creek stands to lose $1.7 million following voters' snub of state propositions

With voters Tuesday rejecting five of six ballot measures that were designed to fix California's budget mess, the state's projected deficit will increase from $15 billion to $21 billion through mid-2010.

How will the state make up some of this loss? By borrowing around $2 billion from city and county government, the Contra Costa Times reports. The state promises to pay back that money in five years.

Walnut Creek will lose around $1.7 million; Concord $2.5 million; San Ramon $1.8 million.

Walnut Creek City Manager Gary Pokorny told the Times that legislators should not inflict their bad management onto cities. "But they are going to do what they are going to do," he said.

You can read more in the Times here.


Masterlock said...

Take it from the library no one will use.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Neiman's has got it covered!

Anonymous said...

"Take it from the library no one will use."

Yeah, who needs a stupid library where people can borrow books to educate themselves and their children. What a stupid idea. You have to be an idiot to go to the library, right?

Masterlock said...

It's the 21st century Anon 11:35, in my opinion people have many more options as far as educating themselves and their children and a very nice library could still be built while affording to address other important issues to the city. And you are right, that is my opinion, and you can call it idiotic or insult me behind your computer screen but I really won't lose sleep over it.

Anonymous said...

LOL...a library that is costing millions before its inventory has even been purchased. Ha ha! The stupidity here, GENIUS, is to agree to such ridiculous reasoning. Unless, of course, it's your POCKET that has been filled in the negotiations process!

Anonymous said...

Great shortsighted thinking people. I'm glad CiS has such thoughtful intelligentsia posting here.

Anonymous said...

OMG! WC, more sales, more stores, more cars.


Castle Hill Bill said...

$1.7 million? C'mon Gary boy, that's only 10 parking spaces in the new library garage. Hell, we can afford over hundred more of them and not even have to pass a bond measure to pay for them. Aint that right Ms. Rainey and Silva?