August 26, 2009

Another good debate about marijuana--legalize or not, tax or not--at Claycord

In light of Monday's "biggest pot bust" in Pleasant Hill's history, another online debate is brewing--this one at, which reported the bust--regarding the rights and wrongs of marijuana use, cultivation, distribution, legalization, etc. has the details about the bust, in which state narcotics agents and local police seized 907 marijuana plants and four pounds of the product at a rented home near Sunvalley Mall. The 33-year-old suspect was not a primary caregiver, but possessed a valid doctor's recommendation.


MickeyMartin said...

Unfortunately these types of less than ethical grow sights are the direct result of prohibition. If we would regulate and control cannabis production facilities producers could be in the open, use commercial facilities (who have 1/3 the PG&E rate) and be inspected regularly for safety standards. As we criminalize the effort, we force people to circumvent the system and divert power sources to avoid detection. Prohibition has never worked.

Anonymous said...

"Prohibition has never worked."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Anonymous said...

By golly, we can't stop it or control it so I guess we need to make it legal. In fact, let's make everything legal that we can't stop or control:

Marijuana, cocaine, heroine, abortions, drunken driving, kiddie porn, incompetent teachers, and so forth.

While we're at it, we might as well legalize crime since we can't stop it or control it.

Absurd liberal slants on such matters offer opportunities for grimaces and head shaking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... @8:34 PM - I'm liberal and would to subscribe to your news letter if you include guns... well stated.

Anonymous said...

Plants and kiddie porn. That is a reasonable comparison. Thanks for the insight.

Anonymous said...

A crime is a crime is a crime is a crime.