August 23, 2009

Bar stabbing in downtown Walnut Creek early Saturday, and we're worried about crime around the new pot club...

The blogger, the DUBC reports, in an exclusive, that someone was arrested for an assault with a deadly weapon--a stabbing--at Dan's Irish Sports Bar on Civic Drive.

No word on what led to the stabbing, and the victim apparently does not have life-threatening injuries. I'll update if more information comes in.

However, the Mayor of Claycord, in a comment on the DUBC post, says that there was no stabbing just someone getting a cut finger.

In the meantime, we have a stabbing at this sports bar, or some such incident apparently requiring police response, and we're worried about crime and other annoying behavior proliferating around the marijuana dispensary that opened up over on Oakland Boulevard.

As if crime and other annoying behavior don't proliferate around bars and liquor stores? Either in Walnut Creek or in any other cities. But wait! Aren't concerns about crime and other annoying behavior the reason that Walnut Creek city staff and police want to revisit the question of bar closing hours?

I don't get out to bar hop around Walnut Creek. Too old! If I were of a certain age, Dan's sounds like a fun, friendly place to go. Here's how it describes itself, with "plenty of beer on draft" and "cocktails galore." So that patrons can get a little relaxed, buzzed, high... On alcohol ...

Okay, enough said for now. And if more information comes in about the bar stabbing, I'll write it up.


Anonymous said...

Hookers, stabbings, and bar fights -- OH MY!

Anonymous said...

any news on if they caught the guys who stabbed the poor soul on Kinney/Boulevard Way. we in this neighborhood are very nervous. any news on the man who was stabbed?

Nikos said...
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Anonymous said...

There was no stabbing, I was there.

It was some idiot that had this huge knife, or what could be called a small sword, who apparently got into a fight with someone in the bar.
The security of the bar successfully managed the situation by getting the idiot out of the bar without getting anyone hurt.
While the fool made it outside without getting stomped by security he continued down the street waiving the knife at the guy he was mad at.
The police station was across the street and it took the police about 15 min to get there. I couldnt believe it!
Thank God someone hit the guy with the knife while he wasnt looking and all the security pounced on him and took the knife away.
Actually it is a good thing that someone took the guy down before the cops arrived because they probably would have shot him as dumb as he was waving a knife in walnut creek.

You could put a curfew on the bars and have them close sooner, but that hasnt been successful in other parts of the world.
They recently took away the early closing of pubs in the UK because of "binge" drinking problems they had there.

Education is at the root of it, and maybe the police should patrol the streets of Walnut creek not only 10 min before bar closing time, eh???