September 3, 2009

Detective following up on Saranap stabbing case, but no suspects being sought

Finally heard from Contra Costa Sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee about the stabbing near Boulevard Way last Thursday.

(Jimmy apologized pretty heavily for not getting back to me sooner, saying he's been fielding hundreds of calls and e-mails from news organizations, locally and internationally, regarding the Jaycee Dugard case.)

Anyway, what Jimmy had to tell me is pretty much what readers have already shared in comments on the prior story and what was reported in the Contra Costa Times--but with a few new details added. Here's what the Times reported:

Investigators said t that a man who said he was attacked while riding a bicycle Thursday night and stabbed numerous times may not have been telling the truth.

"The circumstances and injuries are inconsistent with the violent attack the victim described," Sgt. Gwen Brady told the TImes.

From a reader:

I talked to the lady that lives in the house where the "attack" took place. It was her grandson, she thought that he may have done this to himself. She said they are trying to figure out what really happened. He is okay, but his story is what I would call iffy.
And here's what Jimmy Lee said the department is releasing this week:
A detective is following up on the case and will be looking at the credibility of the victim's story of what happened. The victim, a 27 year old man, was transported to John Muir Medical Center. As far as the case, there are no suspects, no leads or witnesses. To make it clear, we are not looking for any suspects in this case (at this time).

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