September 1, 2009

Final results: Garamendi v. Harmer in November runoff

5 a.m. Wednesday: Yes, Lt. Governor John Garamendi won the Democratic nomination to compete in the November 3 runoff for the 10th Congressional District. San Ramon attorney David Harmer won the Republican nomination.

With 97 of 97 precincts reporting, Garamendi was the top vote getter of all 14 candidates--Democrat and Republican--who were running in Tuesday's special primary election. He received 24.8 percent of the vote. His closest rival was another Democrat: State Senator Mark DeSaulnier who received 21.7 percent. But DeSaulnier is out of the race, and Harmer is in. He came in third last night, with 20 percent. Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan came in fourth, with 11 percent.

(To be updated occasionally):

Early results indicate that Lt. Governor John Garamendi is leading among the field of 14 candidates and five Democrats in today's special primary election to compete in a November runoff for the 10th Congressional District. Meanwhile, San Ramon attorney David Harmer is leading among the six Republicans.

As of 10:30 p.m., with 49 out of 97 precints reporting, Garamendi had received nearly 26 percent of the vote. His closest contenders on the Democratic side: State Senator Mark DeSaulnier, had received 21 percent of the vote, and state Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, had received nearly 12 percent. Meanwhile, on the Republican side, David Harmer had received 19 percent--putting him in third place.

The top vote-getter from each race will compete in the November 3 runoff to replace former U.S. Representative Ellen Tauscher, who left her post to take a job with the State Department. To avoid a runoff, one candidate would need to receive 50 percent of the vote.

KTVU political editor Randy Shandobil said, with so many candidates running, it's not likely that any one candidate will get the 50 percent to avoid the runoff.

So far, it looks like Garamendi will be the Democratic candidate in a heavily Democratic district. He told Shandobil he credits tonight's early good results to the fact that he had lots of supporters out "walking" on his behalf, and voters wanting someone to replace Tauscher in the 10th Congressional district who will go to Washington D.C. to "get in there and get things done, health care and workers' comp."


Anonymous said...

It looks like Garamendi will be our next Congressperson. Once you add up all of the Democratic votes split among the primary candidates, they far outweigh all of the Republican votes.

Anonymous said...

at least desaulnier did not make it - way too left

Anonymous said...

Due to a Democrat gerrmandered district, the registration in the 10 District was drawn up to be heavily Democrat so that no Republican could ever hold the seat again. The last Reapportionment took special care that there are not any congressional seats in the Bay Area that will ever be held by a Republican again.

If you look at the configuration of the 10th District just in our county alone ( it also covers parts of Alameda, Solano, Sacramento and possibly one other) you will see that nearly all of the registered Republicans were lumped together in one district. Then the "fair" minded congressmen stuck in heavily Democrat ares to achieve their goal of a guaranteed Democrat weighted district.

That's how the cookie crumbled and we are stuck with it until the next Ceapportionment.

Anonymous said...

Jeeze -- what a conservative crowd this blog attracts. Interesting.

I for one wanted Anthony Woods to win. Fresh face, bacground and ideas.

Oh, and by the way to anon 8:40 am. Garamendi is just as left as DeSaulnier -- maybe more so.

Anonymous said...


FYI, I'm an independent, not a sheep of either side.

Anonymous said...


Nope, just a sheep for either side. Having an I next to your name doesn't make you independent.

Anonymous said...

I meant: Just a sheep for both sides. Way too early!