October 22, 2009

Howe Homestead Harvest Festival, unfortunately, has been cancelled

Due to unforseen staffing shortages, this annual festival, scheduled for Sunday, has been cancelled.

The festival, presented by the city's Open Space Division, was to celebrate the life of early 20th century American Press correspondent James P. Howe, who settled in Walnut Creek after retiring from his world travels. He held a fall party for his neighbors and friends at his home, now the location for the Howe Homestead Park on Walnut Boulevard. There was to be a maze, pumpkin carving, seasonal crafts, and so on.

Supervising Ranger Nancy Dollard says: "We appreciate the community support for this day of family fun and will see you next year on October 31. " For more information, you can contact Dollard at (925) 943-5899, ext. 2135.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...."staffing shortages"...
Another service lost in Walnut Creek due to budget problems.

Figure it out:

New Library +
Loss in Sales Taxes+
Poor Planning and Budgeting =
Loss of services to Parks, Police, Roads, Recreation, Open Space etc. etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but Walnut Creek doesn't fund East Bay Parks. So drop the library argument.

Anonymous said...

Well, excuse me, I did not say East Bay Parks. Walnut Creek does fund it's own very wonderful City Park facilities.

Ask any Parks employee how much deferred maintainance there is in the system that can't be done because of lack of funds. Lack of funds, due in large part to the library draining money from every department in the city.

In fact, the new library took actual space away from Civic Park which is now dwarfed by the massive building.

Anonymous said...

Another reason we need NM!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 8:34,

You are really over the top with this post.

The staff shortages are due to illness. The ranger in charge of the event has the fly. Not sure if it is H1N1. A couple of other rangers had some health problems too so this is an unfortunate coincidence.

I know because I volunteer in the Open Space and I ran into the ranger with the flu at Kaiser the day I got my flu shot.

Anonymous said...

He got the flu because of the new library!

Anonymous said...

Stupid library and stupid event. Fund core services like streets and police, not this crap. said...

Gosh, there's a great deal of helpful data in this post!