November 9, 2009

Robbery victim helps nab the guy who strong-armed him out of his wallet along the Contra Costa Canal Trail

A robbery victim, with the presence of mind to notice key details about the guy who held him up Monday along the Contra Costa Canal Trail, helped Walnut Creek police locate a 22-year-old suspect a short time later.

The robbery happened about 2:45 p.m. Monday, Walnut Creek police said. The victim said he was walking along the Canal Trail near Winton Avenue when he was confronted by a man wielding a basebll bat. The robber demanded that the victim turn over his wallet. The victim complied.

The robber ran off to a nearby car. The victim and a witness provided a detailed description of the car to police. Pleasant Hill police, who were investigating the suspect on unrelated charges, located and arrested him. Walnut Creek police were notified and arrived to take him into custody for the robbery.

The suspect is identified as Jesse Meth, 22, of Pleasant Hill.

Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact the Walnut Creek Police Department at (925) 943-5844.


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if we had a physical description of the perpetrator.

Maybe someone saw him do something else, but we'd need a description to be of any help.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:37,
The probable perpetrator has already been arrested.
If you want to be of further help with respect to other crimes, please contact law enforcement about incidents you actually observed.
I suspect that you just have an agenda going on here. said...

For my part every person ought to go through it.