November 29, 2009

Some Walnut Creek turkeys who escaped their date with destiny

Gobble, gobble, says this pack of turkeys out strolling around San Miguel Drive. Hmm, do they know how lucky they are? Maybe they received a special pardon from the President.

But, then, there is always Christmas...

Actually, my guess is that these guys (or gals) wouldn't taste too good. Also, I'm surprised to see just four. I've been astonished to see packs of turkeys that have a dozen or more.

Thanks, Walnut Creek Streetwalker, for this photo of some rather lucky birds.


Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

There are CLAYCORD turkeys too. Maybe they ran away to Walnut Creek to play soccer.

Anonymous said...

As a long-time city dweller, I get such a kick out of encountering turkeys milling about on the sidewalk on my walk to Pleasant Hill BART on any given day. They're a hoot to see up close.

Anonymous said...

Rossmoor has got lots of these escapees also