November 20, 2009

Walnut Creek wants to know: What do you think it means to be "green"?

The City of Walnut Creek is developing a Climate Action Plan and is looking for community input. So, if you have something to say, share your ideas on this online survey.

It asks such questions as whether you have already taken steps to reduce energy or water use (by installing more energy-efficient light bulbs; replacing old energy-guzzling appliances); or whether you are taking any steps in the next year. It also asks about how you get around town or to work: Do you use public transportation, and would you consider using it more in the future.

Check it out. You don't have to live within the city itself. You can reside in an unincorporated part of town; you can even live outside the county.


Anonymous said...

This is none of the city's business. The city should concern itself with more pressing matters.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed taking the survey. I discovered some new conservation possibilities. Anon. 7:55 doesn't have to participate with the rest of us.

Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

Surveys...Ok...they're cool. But, go out and harvest some oranges, lemons, grapefruit, apples, persimmons or pomegranates this time of year.

Deliver to a local food pantry. That is my idea of going green! :) Go green. Think yellow. Lemons. The Lemon Lady.

Anonymous said...

took the survey.

maybe wc should worry more about crime, homeless, etc rather than the farce that is global warming. wasting valuable city dollars and someones time to participate in this bs

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:09,

It's always so nice to hear from the negative people in town.

What's wrong with attempting to reduce energy and water use and saving $$ in the bargain? Unlike you, I like that idea but that's the price I pay for being an optimist.

Anonymous said...


nothing wrong with it and i do it all the time

but, like the one survey answer "do you think the city should make laws/force people to recycle" is crap

we don't need more laws concerning the environment - we need the city to make you aware (which is fine) but not have a "nanny city" and force us

WCbowlingmom said...

I have lowered my water usage by 75%. Last year I was using 400 gallons per day, this year 100. All I did was buy low flow toilets and front loading washer and dryer. If everyone did that, we would not be arguing over water.

Anonymous said...

If people are as mean spirited and selfish as some of these entries suggest, WC has no choice but to enforce things that are for the common good

Anonymous said...

so 3:02, you can't take personal responsibility and take your own actions, you need the govt to regulate you more? there should be some guidelines, but there should be no "forced" regulation

Anonymous said...

"Last year I was using 400 gallons per day, this year 100. All I did was buy low flow toilets and front loading washer and dryer."

I'm sorry about your diarrhea problem, but that's not going to happen for most people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:59,

Thanks for visiting Planet Earth. Now you can go home.

Thanks WCbowlingmom, for your hard work at reducing your water usage. We got our use down to about 120 gallons/day using multiple tactics. However, our starting point was 250 gal/day, so you are our hero.

A related option that works very well to reduce power consumption is line drying clothes. The towels come out crunchy and do a much better job at drying your skin after a shower. The sheets are also more comfortable. Bedspreads take a long time to dry in the dryer but come out very well most of the year of the line. But, you cannot do line drying on a day like today.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the city could start by passing a law mandating that stores keep their doors closed to maintain interior temperatures particularly on hot days.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:59

It is too bad that your life is so sad. I feel sorry for you!

Anonymous said...

"It is too bad that your life is so sad. I feel sorry for you!"

Well, it's not me who has the diarrhea. How many times must her family flush the toilet to save 300 gallons a DAY? Someone in her family must have a bowel movement disability.