January 28, 2010

Police concerned about armed robberies

Police sent out this advisory, regarding three separate armed robberies of banks and a drug store that occurred in Walnut Creek during January.

Last week, two robberies occurred at banks in Walnut Creek. The first happened Tuesday, the 19th, at about 10:52 a.m. at the Chase Bank in the Palos Verde Mall, located at the corner of Pleasant Hill Road and Geary Boulevard.

The next morning, a man robbed the Bank of the West at 2050 North California Blvd.

The previous weekend, on Saturday, January 16, two men, one armed with a revolver, robbed an employee of Walgreen's on North Main Street. 

Here's the notification from the Walnut Creek police:

During the month of January, 2010, the City of Walnut Creek experienced three armed robberies of businesses. All three robberies involved suspects who brandished firearms while committing these crimes. Two of the robberies occurred at banks and the third was at a drug store.

In light of these recent brazen robberies, the Walnut Creek Police Department is working closely with local businesses and residents to inform and educate them on how to prevent and react to such crimes in our town. This proactive and collaborative relationship will help us to identify those involved.

We encourage people to call the Walnut Creek Police Department if you see any suspicious behavior near a business; especially banks. Alert and aware citizens can help prevent these crimes from occurring. The Walnut Creek Police Department is committed to preventing future crimes of this nature.

The Walnut Creek Police Department wants you to know that we are aware of the seriousness of these crimes and we are working diligently to protect and prevent future crimes of this nature. Please help us by contacting our non-emergency police dispatch center at (925) 935-6400 to report suspicious activity. Dial 911 for in-progress crimes or medical emergencies.
If you have any questions or information regarding the recent robberies, please contact Detective Bertolozzi or Detective Brown at (925) 943-5844.


Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks the police can prevent anything they are nuts. Police involvement begins after the fact, not before. The best they can do is increase patrols, but that does little to stop motivated criminals. And public involvement is even more useless. The best we can do is report suspicious activity and/or crimes we witness and hope the police respond quickly.

For small business owners, they can either take it or fight back themselves.

At home, I'm ready and willing to do whatever it takes to protect my family.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my...

Anonymous said...

Walnut Creek and other towns have very good neighborhood watch training. We are doing a much better job of watching out for ourselves after our training session which included advice on alarm systems, motion sensors, spotting suspicious behavior, and even help with getting a street light. We have followed up about suspicious visitors on a couple of occasions now and received immediate support from WCPD.

Anonymous said...

If you cell phone does not have a camera, get one that does. Snap a photo of the suspicious activity / vehicle.

Anonymous said...

I certainly do hope that the poice are truly concerned about recent armed robberies.

Too bad they don't have more officers out on patrol.