January 14, 2010

Walnut Creek will take your old cell phones and give them out to people in need

If you just upgraded to an IPhone 3G, the Walnut Creek Police Department can take your old phone and ship it off  to a phone bank. There it will be refurbished and made ready for use by people in the community who cannot afford cell phones but could use one in case they need to make an emergency call.

The department plans to give these refurbished phones out free to people such as domestic violence victims and vulnerable seniors.The department recently joined the 911 Cell Phone Bank Program, and is now a designated "drop-off" point in Contra Costa County for all retired cell phones.

Anyone with an unused cell phone is encouraged to donate and recycle those phones at the Walnut Creek Police Department, 1666 N. Main St. in Walnut Creek. For more information about the cell phone bank, go to

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Recycle Mobile Phones said...

This sounds like an excellent initiative and a great form of recycling. It's quite surprising how things that people don't value could mean a lot to a completely different person, which is why I hope people support this campaign. Good luck with it all.