January 19, 2010

Wireless antenna at Walnut Heights "contingent" upon Wednesday's meeting

Here's a notice from Superintendent Patty Wool about Wednesday evening's meeting, regarding the proposal to construct a wireless antenna behind the nature area at Walnut Heights Elementary... She's inviting the entire Walnut Creek School District community to join in the discussion.

Is it just me, or is there something contradictory about using "wireless antenna" and "nature area" in the same sentence? ... Not that I've formed any opinion about this issue.

Others, who commented on my earlier post, are much better informed than me, and I would suggest you read what they have to say.  Basically, some Walnut Heights school parents are concerned that this wireless tower would pose health risks and create an eyesore, thereby lowering property values.

Here is what the superintendent has to say:

Dear Walnut Creek School District Community,

Tomorrow night, January 20, at 6:30 p.m. in the Walnut Heights Multi-purpose room, we will hold a meeting to offer information to the community and parents about a possible wireless antenna being installed behind the nature area at Walnut Heights. The superintendent will facilitate. Stuart House, WCSD Director of Facilities & Maintenace, and Brian VanAsten from Clear Wire will give information. We will then hear thoughts and concerns from parents and community.
The Board, in the last board meeting, stated that the construction of a wireless antenna would be contingent upon the outcome of this meeting. We would invite anyone who is interested to attend.

Patricia Wool, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Walnut Creek School District


Anonymous said...

If they do proceed, let's get some real business people to negotiate the deal, not some school administrators.

Anonymous said...

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