February 7, 2010

Another Walnut Creek parking inconsistency? North Locust Garage fees

In going to a play at the Lesher Center last night, I parked in the the North Locust Garage, right next door to the center.

As on pretty much most Friday and Saturday nights, when the Lesher Center is staging one or more productions, the garage was charging a Special Event parking fee.

That fee is $5. (Wasn't it not long that ago that it was $3? I know, I know, the city is facing tough budget times...)

The reason for this special charge, according to the city's website, is that the garage uses special event staffing when there are large events at the Lesher Center. Actually, I agree with the city using this strategy on these special event nights. It makes entering and leaving the garage much easier, when you are likely to have hundreds of people, leaving a show and trying to get out of the garage all at once.

However, I was struck by what to me seems to be a contradiction in the garage's fee policy. So, I pay $5 for the Special Event parking, but the maximum All Day fee that you can be charged is $3. This is according to the city's Parking website and signs posted at the two entrances to the garage.

How can the city charge $5, when the maximum you would be required to pay daily is $3? Sure, in the grand scheme of things to get bothered about in life, I'll admit this one rates pretty low, but I'm still scratching my head over it. 


LeftCoast said...

I'd be curious to know who the special events staff is emplyed by if not the city.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to suburbia :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to a town that has spent all of it's money and now find it acceptable to gouge the very people it is trying to attract :(

Anonymous said...

5 dollar for event parking and gouge? Please ....

Anonymous said...

the paid city garages are run by a third party company overseen by the city. they are not city employees.

check it out. a new parking system is coming to those garages. I wonder if it will be more difficult to get out after a play at the Lesher now???

Anon 4:17 again said...

well,maybe I should have read this... that answers my question--

Q: How will the new system work during special events at the Lesher Center?
A: The North Locust Garage will continue to use Special Event Staffing during large events at the Lesher Center. During special events, garage users should expect to pay the standard $5.00 Special Event Fee upon entering the garage. The North Locust garage is open to all users (hourly parkers and Lesher patrons) during special events.

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