February 26, 2010

Power outage hits downtown Walnut Creek

High winds and heavy rains have caused power outages that have knocked out traffic lights and forced businesses to close. 

PG&E reports that about 2,970 PG&E customers are without power. The outage started around 12:40 p.m., and crews were said to be on their way.  


Anonymous said...

Damn Library!

Anonymous said...

The opening day for the new downtown Walnut Creek library is July 17th.

Everyone is invited.

Beau Hunk said...

When the electricity comes back on, is it a power inage?

Anonymous said...

Yes, make plans to attend the opening celebration; afterall, the City and Library Foundation are spending $20,000.00 of your valuable tax money & contributions on this one day circus. This event was not included in the 50 million dollar library budget. No wonder there will be so many City layoffs (the service level only of course, while the extremely top heavy management levels will keep salaries at $100,000 and above). Wait and watch as the library opens then closes without the City or County funds to keep it open on a regular basis, maintain it or to provide books. What a sad example of bad decision making.