February 4, 2010

RIP, I guess: Citizens for Walnut Creek, the town's notable slow-growth advocates

Citizens for a Better Walnut Creek was a political group that, in the 1980s helped establish building heights limits in Walnut Creek. It also created the group, Residents and Advocates for More Parking and Reduced Traffic (RAMPART), that unsuccessfully tried to block the recent proposed Neiman Marcus department store in Broadway Plaza.

The Contra Costa Times reports that the group, “best known for spurring slow growth measures in the 1980s and 1990s, has officially closed its political campaign account with Walnut Creek — and, by extension, with the state.”

The group has told the Times that is no longer has dues-paying members but that the “core group is still there” and is ready to “mobilize if needed.” This is according to co-founder Ed Skoog, also a former mayor.

For example, the group had some money “sitting there for a long time” and decided to donate $600 to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

Citizens for a Better Walnut Creek, formed in 1984, is “perhaps best known for bringing about Measure A in 1985,” the Times Elisabeth Nardi reports. “Measure A placed limits on building heights in Walnut Creek, basically freezing heights at then-existing levels.”

The Times adds:

While Citizens for a Better Walnut Creek have legally disbanded, don't count them out. "We are still alive," said Skoog. "We are not going gung-ho on anything in particular right now, but as issues come, you will see our flag flying."


Tate said...

good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Can I shed a crocodile tear now?

Anonymous said...

Though I probably don't agree with their tactics in the past, I am glad that there was someone out there who had the balls to stand up against the establishment in WC.

Keep watching guys!

Anonymous said...

with the WC planning department in bed with Macerich to expand and screw up traffic and parking, its time to resurrect this organization

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