March 15, 2010

Literacy in Lafayette? Or not quite?

Anna, the Lemon Lady, was cruising around our fair 'burbs--as she is known to do, looking for ways to help feed the hungry and to do her part to save the local environment--and she came across this sign in Lafayette. It was on a wall, behind which stood a Dumpster. She and her daughter Ava found it near a business on Mt. Diablo Boulevard.  Thanks Anna and Ava for sharing this with us!

By the way, Anna has a new Earth Day-related project, which you can read about on her blog. Basically, it involves collecting bottle caps and lids that can be recycled.


Mr. Picky said...

I noticed that signs at the Coty Limit say "Entering Lafayette City Limits" instead of "Entering Lafayette". Maybe I am the only person bugged by that.

Mr. Picky said...

Mr. Picky can't even spell City correctly sometimes! Shame.

AKA Soccer Mom said...

Well, Mr. Picky,
You must imagine my fear when I wrote this story--if I misspelled anything. How embarassing! And is that how you spell embarass? I always get that one wrong.

EdiBirsan said...

There have been many "Tenents" that were put in dumpsters over the ages. Such as the foundations of the social contract in the Victorian Age or the principles of Plato's ideal society.

Luckily they do not take up much space these days which leaves plenty of room in the dumpsters for the tenants that park there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the old parcel taxes in LaMorinda are not paying off. Maybe the MDUSD should be notified so they stop harassing citizens to pass them.