April 13, 2010

After the rain: a gorgeous scene like this

Following record-breaking rain that fell on the Bay Area Sunday and Monday, the sun is started to peek out from behind storm clouds. A reader captured this image of Mount Diablo late yesterday with blue sky streaking above, and sun dappling the hillsides. 


Grammerbot said...

Typo: capture
Should be: captured

AKA Soccer Mom said...

Thanks Grammerbot!

Anonymous said...

I kind of liked all of the rain as the ground was beginning to dry up and watering time was threatening.

So happy that the dams are filling and the snow is still falling in the mountains. We could use another couple of wet years to make up for the past few dry ones.

Photo is beautiful. The skies have been amazing today also.

Jason said...

Diablo Valley has gotta be one of the best places in the world

Anonymous said...

Grammerbot is anal retentive. Life is way too short to worry about post spelling.

Anonymous said...

"Diablo Valley has gotta be one of the best places in the world"

Unless you have allergies.