April 26, 2010

Community reminder: Walnut Creek police offer free 911 cell phones to those in need

There are people out there who can't afford to buy a new cell phone, much less upgrade one. But we all need a cell phone these days--just in case.

For those who can't afford a cell phone, the Walnut Creek police is making them available. The department is working with the Cell Phone Bank to distribute free Motorola Cell phones. 

This cell phone will provide a link to emergency services via 911 in people's time of need, says Sean Conley, community police officer. 

The service is free. If you need a 911 cell phone phone or more information, or you know someone who needs a 911 cell phone, contact Coney at (925) 256-3519.

The Florida-based Cell Phone bank was founded in 2004 to provide an ongoing and readily available source of 911 emergency cell phones "to meet the unexpected and urgent needs of participating law enforcement and affiliated victims' service agencies" The people who benefit from this service can include victims of domestic violence, victims of other violent crimes, or the elderly. 

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David said...

This originally started years ago by donating old cell phones for use by women in abusive relationships.
The premise being that ALL cell phones by law connect to 911 when dialed.
It does not matter who owns them or what service, if they turn on you can dial 911.
Donate or give your old cell phone to someone it will not make a call but by Law it will still dial for help.