April 25, 2010

Crowds hit the arts festival, downtown on a warm, sunny weekend

Did you catch the Pacific Fine Arts Festival this weekend? 

It was hard to avoid if you went anywhere near downtown Walnut Creek Saturday and Sunday. Artists lined the sidewalks of Cypress, Locst, and North Main streets between Mt. Diablo Boulevard and Civic Drive. 

I browsed, saw some things that were tempting. They included jewelry, ceramics and cool metal sculpture fashioned out of salvaged machinery. There were some items I could pass on.

I met a few interesting people--or rather observed them at work--such as Jaime Hipolito, whose family runs a three-acre farm out in Brentwood but who has also learned the art of Native weaving from his father, Zenon, a seventh-generation weaver.


Dave said...

Some talented people, but like the Walnut Creek farmers market a lot of over-priced stuff.

Anonymous said...

Were there any cougars prowling around?

Anonymous said...

oh look, Soccer Mom has trolls.

Anonymous said...

Nice fair. Quality overall of the wares didn't seem as good as you'd see at some of the big street fairs in San Francisco, but still a nice way to spend an afternoon, strolling and browsing the stalls and the stores on an amazingly warm spring day.

AKA Soccer Mom said...

Yes, All My Trolls.
7:26 a.m. is the Cougar guy (or gal, don't wanna make assumptions).

Actually, it could be a friend of mine, a young gentleman who has a fascination--from a purely sociological standpoint, of course--with that segment of women otherwise known as Cougars.

Hmm. Just gave me a blog idea! Thanks 11:06 a.m.

Anonymous said...

WC should host Cougar Fest.. what about Puma-palooza?!!!!

Anonymous said...

The lady playing the harp opposite Peets was giving free harp lessons. That was really fun.

AKA Soccer Mom said...

I've done one of those free harp lessons.

At Harps Etc. On the little alley off North Main Street.

Very cool. And very cool that this shop exists in WC. One of the only harp stores in all of North America.

The owner is a former professional harpist and music teacher at Las Lomas, I believe.

Anonymous said...

I stopped by and browsed but didn't see anything I wanted enough to fork over the asking price. For example, I saw some nice necklaces but at approx. $90 each I wasn't buying.

Were the prices high or has my perception of value changed?

Anonymous said...

I walked around and enjoyed it. Didn't really look at prices. Street closing we're nice. Lovely weather.

Miss Lisa said...

I enjoyed walking through and the beautiful day. We took one of the new hybrid buses from Heather Farms to BART, then a shuttle downtown. I liked watching the weaver too--thanks for featuring him! His loom was really cool and so were his textiles. All I bought were some homemade soaps for mother's day. They're pretty and smell good. Outdoor shopping on a beautiful spring day is always welcome.