April 5, 2010

Walnut Creek schools about ready to make their fundraising goal

(In case you hadn't heard. ... I received notice about two weeks ago, and kept meaning to publish it.) 

The Walnut Creek Education Foundation says that it was only $7,612 away from making their fundraising goal of $724,000.  According to Liz Davis, the foundation president, this fundraising feat was accomplished even though only 45 percent of parents in the districts donated to the foundation.

WCEF's participation rate is a bit lower than foundations raising money for districts in Lamorinda (Oh, those Lamorinda overachievers!). The foundations for these districts also ask for much more money overall--twice or nearly twice as much as Walnut Creek--and more money from each individual family.

WCEF asks for $500 per family, while the Lafayette Arts and Science Foundation, with a fundraising goal of $1.5 million and a 53 percent participation rate, asks for $500 per child.  The foundations for the Orinda and Moraga schools ask for $550 and $600 per child, with fundraising goals of $1.5 and $1.3 million, respectively. The Education Foundation of Orinda enjoys a 68-percent parent participation rate.

The $$$ raised by WCEF support art, music, and PE, and librarian hours in the elementary schools; a counselor, librarian hours, and a "visiting artists" program at Walnut Creek Intermediate; and an academic counselor, librarian, and leadership class at Las Lomas High.


Anonymous said...

I'm soo sick of WC schools and their lack of $$.

Why, at 2:20 PM every day, are there loads of skateboarders being chased out of BP parking lot, the insipid Taco Bell on Newell/Broadway, clogging the intersection at Whole Foods.

This is not even the beginning of the Afternoon.

I supported schools ever since I moved here.

I'm Done supporting your spoiled, non-working Brats.

No. No. No.

Anonymous said...


Earn it. Don't expect a taxpayer handout.

Have Any of these 'children' ever had a JOB?

Turn off all the electronics, where is the leadership?

'chirp, chirp, chirp'..........

Anonymous said...

This may be off base and has nothing to do with WCEF but I'm turned off by the idea of donating more money and supporting a parcel tax for families in Orinda. After reading about how they became so nasty and horrible and got their lawyers involved after the boy died at the party last spring. The parents didn't want to take responsibility. They didn't want to task responsibility and the schools didn't either.

If these parents can hire their lawyers to defend their kids when they get in trouble they can afford to pay for their kids music and mock trial programs.

Anonymous said...

I do wish the participation rate was a little higher. Even if everyone only kicks in $20 it would be a plus. These are the *parents of kids who are attending the schools and they can't be bothered to contribute?

Anonymous said...

8:40 - Thank you for your years of support for our schools. I really do appreciate it.

As an aside, there are 400 students at Las Lomas students. I've never seen more than a dozen or so hanging out at Taco Bell. We might ponder how the other 380 are spending their time.

As for your name calling...well that's just sad.

Anonymous said...

8:42 - um, the article is about private fundraising, not taxes.

Also, the foundation supports the elementary schools and middle school as well as the high school. Were you suggesting that 7 year old children should have a JOB? (I'm old school myself. I think children should be playing...and that includes teenagers. They'll be chained to desks soon enough.)

Anonymous said...

Based upon the writing style of 8:40 and 8:42, it is initially difficult to believe that they are different people. For example, the No, No, No at the end of 8:40's rant and the the "chirp, chirp, chirp' by 8:42.

Could 8:40/8:42 let us know if they are the same bitter person or two different bitter people?