April 7, 2010

Walnut Creek woman gravely injured in Hercules crash

A 30-year-old Walnut Creek woman was reported to be brain dead after a crash last Friday afternoon on Highway 4 in Hercules.

California Highway Patrol officers told the Contra Costa Times that Marie Kalamantis, 30, lost control of her 1997 Infiniti while driving east on Highway 4 east of the Franklin Canyon Golf Course. The crash threw her from her car; she was not wearing a seat belt.

The investigation is continuing. No signs of drugs or alcohol were found at the crash. On Tuesday, Kalamantis was reported to be hospitalized at a regional trauma center while surgeons prepared to harvest her organs.


Val said...

Hi, Soccer Mom,

I'm moving to Hercules but I want to be able to substitute teach (or fulltime teach) in Walnut Creek and surrounding areas. Is Highway 4 the only way from Herc to WC?

I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Eugenia said...

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