May 20, 2010

Broadway Plaza and other stores stores on the south side of downtown will also pay downtown improvement fees

The Walnut Creek City Council agreed to create a new southern business district for the 137 shops south of Mt. Diablo Boulevard, including Broadway Plaza.
This new southern district will join the northern district in paying annuals fees that bring in thousands of dollars each year. These fees, which could total more than $150,000 go to efforts to market downtown, carry out beautification and capital improvements and make it more appealing to visitors.
The city established the northern business improvement district in 2005, covering the more traditional downtown north of Mt. Diablo Boulevard. The fees range from $125 to $2,500 per business and have been bringing in about $95,000 a year. 
The new southern district extends from Mt. Diablo Boulevard to Newell Avenue on the south, California Boulevard to the west, and south Broadway to the east. In addition to Broadway Plaza, it brings in such stores as Trader Joe's, CVS Pharmacy, Safeway and Whole Foods. But it bypasses Plaza Escuela, including the Century Downtown 14 movie theater and Cheesecake Factory. CLARIFICATION: That's because, according to city officials, they are in the original northern district. 
The shops in the new business district would receive marketing and advocacy services from the Walnut Creek Downtown Business Association, including a presence on the  "I Love Downtown Walnut Creek" Facebook Fan page. 
"By working together, we can undertake new projects," says Emily Chang, executive director of the Walnut Creek Downtown Business Association, which administers the improvement districts. Bringing in the southern shops into the marketing effort will bring "synergy between the different areas of downtown."
City Council members would eventually like to combine the north and south districts, as well as increase the fees, in order to recoup the cost to the city of administering the improvement districts. 


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Why is Plaza Esquela exempt?

Anonymous said...

That whole area with the Cheesecake factory should have to pay as well.

AKA Soccer Mom said...

I am going by what I saw on the map. I'm double checking with the city to make sure that is correct, that those businesses are exempt.

If I read the map wrong, I'll let you know.

If they are not part of the district, I'll try to find out why.

If they are not part of the district, you have raised a good question.

AKA Soccer Mom said...

Plaza Escuela and the strip mall with Ross Dress for Less are in the original business improvement district.

Sorry for my misreading of the map. Thanks 12:35 and 1:08 for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

Tom said...

Great for downtown Walnut Creek! BTW, the I Love Downtown Walnut Creek facebook page link is