May 2, 2010

Hey, maybe Measure A will pass, there is still time to vote, and WCI's PTA endorses it

UPDATE: Maybe no surprise, but the Walnut Creek Intermediate PTA has endorsed Measure A, the $112-per-parcel tax to help fund programs in the Acalanes Union High School District. 

The PTA also says that people who live within the Acalanes Union High School District  can still  vote, even if they didn't get their mail-in ballot mailed in already. The PTA says you can: 

  • Deliver your vote to the Contra Costa County Elections Office in Martinez (555 Escobar Street) today or tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • On Tuesday, May 4, take your "yes" ote to the drop box at the Lafayette United Methodist Church (955 Moraga Road, Lafayette) from 1-8:00 p.m.

Contrary to what I reported Saturday, according to my very own Crazy poll, Measure A, the $112-per-parcel tax to help fund programs in the Acalanes Union HIgh School District, could actually pass. 

As I said, this poll (at top left) may not be scientific, but--any surprise here?--I did my figuring wrong, including in my calculations those who did not vote. Duh. A reader pointed out this error. 
As the reader said. "AKA SM actually if your poll where correct it would pass. Your poll showed 73 yes and 32 no. As with any vote the ones who elect not to vote will not be counted. Thus the yes reached 69.5% in your poll which is more than the required 66.6%."
So, we'll see what happens. The district hopes Measure A will pass so that it can raise an additional $3.8 million a year to offset an $8 million shortfall.


Beau Hunk said...

The shortfall is due to Sacramento's wild ways with money. Go to them to make up the difference. Stop with the band-aid funding measures.

Once the legislature sees that school districts will cudgel their own local people, you can forget about the state ever coming to the rescue with school funding.

How about we make a statement to the legislature in all of California: Vote down EVERY Bond and parcel tax measure in the state. ALL OF THEM!

The message to Sacto would be clear: Stop wasting our money and attend to business.

Think First, if you can said...

Beau Hunk seems to have no idea how anything works in government. For smaller constituencies to vote against local support and DEMAND help from the state is a formula for disaster.

We can take charge locally with our will-power by creating measures that address local problems effectively. Local measures are almost always the best solution to local needs.

Beau Hunk, if I'm wrong, give an example of your successful positive action along your proposed line of action. I doubt that you actually do anything yourself.

Your solution is to Vote NO on Everything? That's not the America my ancestors created!

I'm still open to fiscally-sound solutions but Beau Hunk does not seem to have the skill set.

Beau Hunk said...

A fiscally sound solution would be for the legislature to do its job and restore funding to education.

I absolutely agree that local measures are almost always the best solution to local needs. Regrettably that option has been taken away from us by the bums in Sacramento.

Your solution seems to be more taxes, more taxes, and more taxes.

And here's an example of successful positive action from New Jersey:

"Gov. Chris Christie today seized on historic school budget results as evidence that voters support his broader reform agenda.

Christie, who played a prominent role in the defeat of a majority of school budgets statewide, said New Jerseyans sent "an extraordinarily clear signal" that they will not tolerate excessive government spending or tax increases, even for the K-12 schools they have long supported. He called the unofficial 58 percent rejection rate "a seismic change that reflects, I believe, a changed attitude in New Jersey."

Do you think the New Jersey legislature is listening to the Vox Populi now?