May 27, 2010

It's Alive: Walnut Creek Patch has launched

It's been a long night of finalizing some stories and attempting some quick fixes, but Walnut Creek Patch, the new daily local news site I'm editing is live.

Today, you can check out: My film debut in which I talk about Walnut Creek Patch, and why I'm excited to be doing this new job. Many thanks to a talented local auteur for helping me to not look like an idiot. 

But more interestingly: 
  • How a 7-year-old girl's handling of an emergency shows why all kids need to learn 911 basics. 
  • What it's like to have your dad as your high school principal. The sons of Las Lomas High principal Pat Lickiss 'fess up. 
Also, there's sports! No, not written by me. Heaven forbid. But here's a story about Las Lomas HIgh women exiting the women's softball playoffs.


Old Grouchy Grump said...

for me, your isolated focus on just WC will leave me uninspired - I liked how you took one a bigger geography - hope you continue that here - our lives are not just WC

Old Grouchy Grump

AKA Soccer Mom said...

Dear Old Grouchy Grump,
That is a possibility. That I'll use this blog to write about more broader suburban issues...

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that most of us are not grouchy. We want to support what you are doing and we are happy for you. I think it will be much more interesting than the CCtimes. Thank you for taking this courageous step. Don't let the nay sayers take away from this special launch day. For a minute, I thought i was back in the midwest, "Oh you can't do that...never work, not good enough,...too other words "stay where you are and don't grow". I'm not just talking about the old grouch, but others earlier today, too.

Good for you and congratulations!

Dakota Soul

Anonymous said...

Wow, the patch thing is awesome. You have no idea how much of a service you provide the community of walnut creek. What you're doing really means a lot to many people. No matter what anyone ever says in these comments, just remember there are so many others who are not commenting that really appreciate what you're doing.

Miss Lisa said...

Congratulations, Martha. You're the perfect person for this job. You have the enthusiasm, talent and smarts to do it justice. And you don't seem crazy at all--much more fair and balanced, I imagine.

Madelyn said...

To my mind one and all must go through this.