June 3, 2010

Free fair today to learn how to prepare your family and keep them safe in case of emergencies

The Red Cross, the Walnut Creek Police Department, the Contra Costa County Fire District and other agencies will be on hand at Las Lomas High School Thursday to offer you tips to be safe and prepared in case of disaster.

Other groups participating are Ready Care, a Walnut Creek-based emergency preparedness company, the Walnut Creek Community Emergency Response Team, and those who will help you take care of your pets in case of disaster.

The fair will take place 5 to 8 p.m. Free food will be served, and you can stock up on free emergency supplies for your family.

The fair was organized by Las Lomas High junior Katie Lanfranki in order to achieve her Gold Award for Girl Scouts.


Suburban Survivalist said...

Emergency preparedness is a great idea. My family is prepared for at least 14 days with enough food, water, fuel, and ammunition. The latter is "just in case".

Anonymous said...

Just curious, I can understand what enough food and water for a family for 14 days would be, maybe even enough fuel (maybe to power a generator or to light up lamps or heat a grill) for that time, but what is enough ammunition for a family for 14 days?

AntiChrist said...

Armageddon of course, DUH!
*straightens foil hat*

Suburban Survivalist said...

Take a lesson from Katrina..Don't count on government to protect your azz during a disaster.

If they do then fine. If they don't, then you might end up as prey.