December 22, 2010

Where in Walnut Creek ... Did These Christmas Elves Strike?

I was out driving around and noticed that the Christmas elves had decided to pretty up a tree (left) that stands all by itself along a semi-well-traveled road. The same elves decorated the tree last holiday season (see post below).

Some elves also hung ornaments, including snowflake ornaments, on trees (right and below) that line a portion of a public trail that leads out of Walnut Creek.

Kudos to the elves who decided to give some holiday gloss in these public places.


Anonymous said...

God Bless the elves!

They make our days happier when we see the fruits of their labors.

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Cobras7 said...

Where would we be without hose elves?! ahaha great idea for a post and maybe next year my house will be on that list of WC homes that were visited!

anyway love your blog!

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