October 29, 2011

After a life-changing experience? Time for a blog redesign

I've been wanting to get rid of that bright green and blue for a while, and go for something a little classier and more sedate. So I'm playing around with designs and colors.

I know, I know. Redesigning a "product" is supposed to take lots of thought and strategizing. You don't just launch something impulsively on a Saturday morning.


Part of the redesign has to do with thinking what Crazy in Suburbia is all about. Lots of life changes in the past few months, and lots of life changes in the last week. Amid all this, I'm trying to achieve a more serene center--though I'm still crazy.  In any event, I'd like the blog to reflect that.

So, that's what the new preliminary look is about. I expect I'll be fiddling with it over the next few days, weeks.


Paula Miller said...

Hi Martha,

Thought I had hit the wrong key on my computer when the new page opened!

Of course you may do whatever you like with the design.......just don't change the content. Your provocative and thoughtful writings are what we come to read. And yes, you do provide a sense of serenity because as you continue to write about WC and other subjects we know there is someone who cares out 'there'.

Old Fart said...

I like the new look too - it would be interesting to hear more about your self study about heart problems in women, if you care to share and feel up to it yet

Martha Ross, AKA Soccer Mom said...

Thanks Paula and Old Fart. I really wanted something that is a bit more simple and to revert to a more classic font, and a black font on white look. I think I'll be doing some tweaking over time.

Yes, I expect I'll be writing more about all this heart stuff. I see my cardiologist tomorrow.