October 25, 2011

Diagnosis: Irregular heartbeat ... Treatment: Pacemaker

The information that the John Muir medical staff collected from the heart monitors was pretty clear. I had an irregular heartbeat and the cardiologist was pretty clear about what needed to be done.

I had to get a pacemaker.

So, that's what happened. I got a pacemaker. Yesterday morning, starting at 7:30 a.m.

As I write this, I'm sitting in my hospital room in the new wing of John Muir Medical Center. My left arm is a little sore, from the incision the doctor made Monday morning to implant the device. Other than a sore arm, and being tired from not getting enough sleep, I'm feeling pretty good.

But more later.

Sorry to not spell out my current status--that I'm doing OK-- in my first blog post on this new adventure.  But that is what's going on. I hope to go home soon.  They've told me I can go home today. I'm just waiting for the doctor to check in with me. Everything else has checked out fine--my other vitals--and the pacemaker is working fine.

Thanks to kind words left on my Facebook page, and on the previous post. This situation is pretty weird and unexpected but it has also left me curious. 


Old Fart said...

Wow - glad they were able to address the problem quickly... again, hope you heal quickly . . .

Martha Ross, AKA Soccer Mom said...

Hello Old Fart,
Thanks for your comment. It's Wednesday morning, and I am feeling pretty good. All indications are that I'm going to recover quickly and be able to resume a full, active life.