September 18, 2013

Walnut Creek moms launch campaign for Battle of the Creek supremacy

UPDATED: Alas, although, the Battle of the Creek received a stunning 41747 votes, the deranged supporters of the game between Sacred Heart Cathedral and Milpitas High outscored us, winning 45446 votes. Thanks for voting!   

OK, it's not really a formal campaign or anything. My friend Peggy Spear, a Northgate High mom, posted on her Facebook page a call for people who live in both the Northgate and Las Lomas high communities to vote in favor of KTVU televising the epic annual football showdown between the schools' varsity teams on Friday night.

So, as Peggy writes on her Facebook page, KTVU will televise the high school football match-up as "Game of the Week" that gets the most votes in a readers' poll.
I'm headlining this post as Walnut Creek "moms launch campaign." OK, it's not really an official campaign. I guess I'm the other mom, and I'm saying it's a campaign 'cause I am sharing her Facebook post and the link. 
"Hey Walnut Creek!" Peggy writes. "Vote for 'The Battle of the Creek' -- the big football match-up between Northgate and Las Lomas -- to be televised on KTVU this Friday! It's a tight battle with a match-up from the South Bay. Go here to vote...and often!"

Again, here's the link.And you can vote as often as you want.  Above is a City of Walnut Creek video of 2010's Battle of the Creek, in which the Northgate Broncos defeated the Las Lomas Knights 28-21.

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