November 16, 2014

Medical Center Diaries: Breaking the silence

In 1969, child abuse and domestic violence were still taboo subjects for general discourse, yet Medical Center took them on with an episode ("Victim") about a 7-year-old boy who comes into Dr. Joe Gannon’s hospital with severe internal injuries. 

Dad says boy fell off an embankment, but skilled diagnostician Gannon suspects something more sinister. And the perpetrator isn’t who you’d expect. Above: Chad Everett as Gannon uses his kind, sensitive but straightforward bedside manner to get the boy’s mother, played by the wonderful Dyan Cannon, to open up about what’s really going on in her family.

This episode and five seasons of Medical Center are available for online streaming via Warner Archive, which also makes available thousands of rare, classic and other hard-to-find TV shows and classic films from the 1930s onward. 

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