November 17, 2008

New Addition to come to Crazy in Suburbia!

Crazy in Suburbia is going to create a new feature, the ability for people too create their own stories. You can make it fiction or non-fiction. This feature hopefully will come soon. Please let us know how you would want to do this. Suggestions are welcome. Please comment if you have ideas.

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VALLAS said...

It is very nice to see this new blog site. I heard about this on The writing is fine, and the information is good. My only reaction is the references that say, "in my Walnut Creek neighborhood Friday night. "Just south of my hometown of Walnut Creek..." This tends to taint the otherwise good journalism and gives it a nice cheesy taste. I'll admit it has been over thirty years since I attended journalism school, and I understand that blogging and the Internet is a new medium, but can somebody explain to me why the author would want to reference herself like this? Bring me up to speed on this, I think it is a cheesy distraction to otherwise good writing. Keep up the good work, but I say keep yourself out of it. I wouldn't mind reading more about soccer moms in general, but that belongs in a separate piece.