January 3, 2009

Great New Blog for a Hard-to-Discuss Condition “That Just About Everyone” Suffers From

The condition I’m talking about is stress and anxiety, and the blog, the Stress and Anxiety Club, was started by one of our best-known local bloggers, Mister Writer.

He says, “one of my goals this year is to get a new blog started that serves to help people who suffer from anxiety related disorders, or stressed out and facing other symptoms.” Mister Writer started it in honor of a good friend and “the hope that others will find solace and comfort, as well as practical solutions.”

He adds that “Anxiety is not a sign of failure. Neither is it a sign of a defective human being. It is a product of our society and does come with solutions.” In fact, as it says on the Stress and Anxiety Club, 18 percent of Americans, or more than 40 million people suffer from anxiety disorders.

At the Stress and Anxiety Club, you can share your own story and find information. Mr. Writer says you can use a post name, rather than your own, and even recommends you do so to protect your privacy. He says you can also email him directly at, and he will be happy to add his input or direct you to where help may be found.

Thanks Mister Writer for this important public service.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us about Mister Writer's new project. I've read his site from time to time and enjoy it and think this one will be especially valuable to a lot of people--a lot of people who are in denial that they need it!