February 28, 2009

An Anthem for All Us Moms on the Verge

Crazy in Suburbia regular reader "David" passed this along, saying it made him think of me. Am I that wacked out? Yeah, I guess I am. Anyway, "David," I love it. It's genius, and I think it's a song a lot of my other mom readers could identify with.

Thanks "David" for thinking of me and all us ladies out here.


Anna said...

This mom can relate! This is super funny. And, I thought Motherhood would be different, easier...

The joys are all worth it, but this video cracks me up!

David said...

I just wanted to congradulate Soccer Mom at getting this posted for everyone.

Anonymous said...

This went 'round the net a year or so ago; several people emailed it to me then. (Knowing I'd appreciate it as I did.)
Glad it's still out there circulating. Recycling at its best.
And let me add one thing: Applies to (some) DADS as well.