May 23, 2009

Former high school football coach gets 50 years for Walnut Creek pot debt slaying

Jonathan Marvin cried tearfully and proclaimed his innocence before a judge sentenced him to 50 years to life in the 2007 killing of Eric Martin of Pittsburg, a fellow marijuana cultivator to whom he owed $10,000, according to a Contra Costa Times report.

Marvin, 36, is a former assistant football coach at Benicia High School. During the trial, jurors learned that he was a construction worker and former football coach on disability, struggling to support his wife, four children, and pregnant girlfriend. Like Martin, 30, Marvin starting growing marijuana on the side, and Martin fronted him $10,000 when Marvin's own pot crop went bad.

Prosecutor Harold Jewett said Marvin killed Martin because Martin was hounding him for repayment. Jewett asserted that Marvin lured Martin to a parking lot off North Broadway, in an area near Walnut Creek's car dealerships and main post office. There, Jewett says, Marvin shot him. Martin's body was found slumped in the driver's seat of his Acura sedan the morning after the shooting.

You can go the Times story and read more about Marvin's statements at his sentencing, and the angry, grief-stricken responses of Martin's family, including his fiance and the mother of his young son.


Anonymous said...

Violence is the sleazy underbelly of drugs. Chasing an easy buck and elusive high took these seemingly normal young men into the grave and into prison. For those of you that purchased your drugs from these men, you are part of the problem. Step up and take your share of the blame for the loss of fathers the children will never have. You helped bring the void of loss to the parents and families. Your "innocent" pot use created the scenario of this horrid tale. Legalize pot...are you on drugs?! NO WAY

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Marvin is a cold blooded killer! He tried to kill a man in New Mexico when he was 14. Tried to blame that one on his parents divorce. It is sad that he was able to become a coach at a high school with his violent past. Anyone who considers him their friend should really think about what I have just told you! He is evil and always will be!