July 13, 2009

In happier times: Before the groom called the bride a fat alcoholic and the best man's death became a global sensation

Of course, this photo has absolutely nothing to do with Walnut Creek, suburbia, or any debate about an important civic or moral issue. But I came across this photo earlier today, and I felt compelled to share what is surely a pop culture, fabloid classic.

The happy bride is, yes, Academy Award-winning performer Liza Minnelli. The groom is David Gest. They married in a star-studded $3.5 million (by Forbes estimates) wedding extravaganza in New York City.

Gest described himself as a "world-renown concert producer-promoter," including of a "Michael Jackson tribute extravaganza" which was "the highest rated music special in the history of television."

Why are Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor there? Well, these two models of emotional and marital stability were standing in as, respectively, best man and maid of honor. Jackson was a childhood friend of Gest's. Gest also admitted (surprise, surprise) that he had multiple plastic surgeries in the 1980s. His plastic surgeon was Michael Jackson's.

Gest made his claims about his world renown in a $10 million suit he filed against Minnelli in October 2003, a few months after they separated. In addition to calling her abusive, he said that, at the time of the marriage, she was way past her career prime.


Anyway, thanks for indulging my trip into tabloid territory, which, if truth be told, takes place more often than I should probably admit here.


DeLaSalle said...

When I first saw this picture, I thought the post was going to be about prescription drug abuse or an intro to the DSM IV manual.

Soccer Mom said...

Well, it would great if all donated their bodies and brains to science. Don't think Michael Jackson did though.

Anonymous said...

How the mighty do fall (except for Mr. Gest of course).

Sad to see such talented people become freaks. What a waste. Kind of makes you wonder just why anyone would aspire to fame.

Anonymous said...


Actually MJ Did donate his brain to science, he had an autopsy and his brain is now in the formaldehyde bath awaiting brain cutting/analysis.

For what its worth.