July 27, 2009

Some new tidbit about a suspect in recent bank robbery: He might be Catholic and have a guilty conscience

Walnut Creek blogger The Dub C received a tip that the guy (pictured here in the Berkeley sweatshirt) who robbed the Patelco Credit Union last Thursday turned over the stolen loot to a priest during confession. Here's the Dub C's story about the robber's act of contrition at St. John Vianney Catholic Church on Ygnacio Valley Road.

And here's my story about the robbery, in which the guy is described as wearing that swearshirt and a fake goatee. But the robber is still on the loose. He could turn the money over, but not himself apparently.


Anonymous said...

Stake out the church, I am sure some police go there. I bet he goes there. Post pictures around the church. Put them on the cars. That's like robbing and going and telling your "father". The dad should tell the guy the right thing to do is turn yourself in or get out of my "house".

Anonymous said...

And all he has to say is a few hale marys and he's in the clear. Must be great to be a Catholic.